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A Unique Approach to Saving Wildlife

The presence of wildlife in our world is a treasure, one that we will never be able to reclaim if it disappears.

Wildlife around the world is increasingly threatened. Historically, one out of every one million species became extinct each year; since the Industrial Revolution in the mid-1800’s, this rate of extinction has increased rapidly. Today, one out of every one thousand species becomes extinct every year, and the rate of extinction continues to rise.

WCN was built on the premise that one person can truly make a difference for wildlife. Independent wildlife conservationists have the power to ensure a future for wildlife by developing new solutions and working closely with communities to save endangered animals. In order to succeed, these wildlife heroes need funding to run their programs and assistance to build their organizations. WCN partners with leading independent wildlife conservationists, providing them with an array of services and training in areas such as marketing, accounting, and strategic planning. WCN also creates connections to donors who can make these conservationists’ work possible.


Community Partner Take Over Night is Saturday, March 22, 2014. 20% of the total sales at night are donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network


Community Partner Cocktail is the Kentucky Buck-Strawberry infused Bourbon, Lemon juice, Simple Syrup, Ginger Beer. $2 of each Kentucky Buck ordered in March is donated to Wildlife Conservation Network


Community Partner Appetizer is Warm Baked Goat Cheese with Asiago Bread and Spiced Apricots. $2 of each Baked Goat Cheese ordered in March is donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network