The Forgotten International

TFI.Logo.Web.crop (2)Our mission at The Forgotten International (TFI) is to develop and aid programs that will alleviate poverty and the suffering associated with poverty both in the United States and worldwide, in particular, that experienced by women and children. We believe everyone deserves the gift of hope, and anyone can make the world better through compassionate action.

TFI operates entirely on donations and focuses its limited resources within four program areas:

Small Grants: TFI makes targeted grants to trusted community organizations, village schools, charitable medical clinics and orphanages that make the most of all their resources.

Service: Through our Fellowship Program, each year TFI sends skilled volunteers to live and work abroad for at least eight weeks with grassroots organizations we support to directly serve the disadvantaged in the local community.

Goods and Supplies: In collaboration with our Partners, TFI sends needed goods such as children’s clothing, shoes and educational and medical supplies to women, children and families in need around the world.

Awareness: TFI seeks to raise awareness of the causes and effects of global poverty through community presentations, short videos, our Compassion Education Project and our book and upcoming documentary series, Living on a Dollar a Day.

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