Pacific Forest Trust

Pacific Forest Trust (PFT) works to sustain America’s forests for all their public benefits: wood, water, wildlife, and people’s well-being.


We’re a visionary think-and-do-tank of scientists, conservationists, policy wonks, entrepreneurs, and outdoor enthusiasts that have helped shape forest conservation and climate policy. We work closely with other forest stakeholders, from landowners to government agencies to scientists to environmental nonprofit partners, to make it easier and more rewarding to do good things for the forests on which we all depend.


25 years ago, Pacific Forest Trust grew from the realization that economics shaped the forest landscape. Forests were valued solely for timber and land development, which led to the unintended consequence of forest loss and depletion.


We saw that we could use financial incentives, rather than relying solely on regulations, to promote practices that would result in more abundant forests with healthier ecosystems. Today, our working forest conservation easements reward landowners for their conservation and stewardship efforts. We work to create policies and leverage public funding that allows forests to stay forests, managed with the latest science in ways that benefit landowners, wildlife, and the public. We have helped create effective climate policies that leverage forests’ unique ability to absorb carbon, and we are working to make it easier to protect key sources of water for millions of people.


The only conservation organization focused on private forests in California, Oregon, and Washington, we’ve conserved more than 250,000 acres of vital forestland regionally. We are accredited with The Land Trust Accreditation Commission and have received a variety of awards and accolades.


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