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Our mission is to bring life-changing legal assistance to Californians in need. As the anchor for California’s network of nonprofit legal organizations, OneJustice:

Builds Healthy Nonprofits:
OneJustice supports a network of 100+ nonprofit legal organizations and 800 staff attorneys helping them to stretch their capacity and sustain their impact through increased financial leadership, new fundraising strategies, executive coaching, board governance trainings and more.

Maximizes Pro Bono Justice:
We support our network of nonprofit legal organizations in the effective use of volunteers to stretch their service capacity. We also collaborate with law schools, law firms and businesses throughout the state to expand the numbers of lawyers and law students willing and able to bring skilled pro bono legal help directly to the poorest communities in our state – particularly to communities that are rural or isolated.

Key Initiatives for 2014 and 2015:
We have four key initiatives for 2014 and 2015, focused on communities that are particularly in need or underserved. We will use a variety of strategies – including new pro bono projects, new Fellowship positions, and nonprofit management support – to expand services for rural and isolated communities, veterans, seniors, and children and families.