Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance (GAIA)

GAIA picGlobal AIDS Interfaith Alliance (GAIA) is a grassroots Bay Area non-profit founded in 2000 in response to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic by the nationally respected Rev. Dr. William Rankin and preeminent neurosurgeon Dr. Charles Wilson of UCSF. GAIA works with rural African villages facing extreme poverty to provide basic health services, targeting prevention, care, and support in communities affected by HIV, AIDS, TB and malaria.

GAIA’s work is focused in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world and at the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS crisis where 46,000 people die each year. Our approach to preventing and treating HIV involves connecting the most remote and rural communities to needed care through our GAIA Elizabeth Taylor Mobile Health Clinics, building healthcare capacity and educating the next generation of nurses through our Nursing Scholarship Program and implementing a program to create healthier communities through health education, home-based care, protecting the most vulnerable orphans and support for rural villagers, particularly women, through our GAIA Villages Program.

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Come join us at Credo on Saturday, April 25, 2015 for the GAIA Take Over Night! 20% of the sales that night are donated back to GAIA.