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About Bayview/Hunters Point Community Legal

We started Bayview/Hunters Point Community Legal because we believe that access to legal aid is the largest unmet social need in the United States today. The reason is simple: there are simply not enough legal aid providers relative to the need. According to best estimates, there is roughly one lawyer for every 14,000 legal needs of qualifying low-income Americans. When we opened in 2013, we decided to create a model where everyone living in one neighborhood would be guaranteed legal representation in all areas of law. After three years and 600 closed cases, we’ve proven that our model works. We have never turned away someone with a viable claim; and by rigorously tracking our outcomes we were able to get more and more support from people that hadn’t funded legal aid before. In October 2015, we won the Google Impact Challenge to “make legal aid accessible,” a worldwide online public vote for the most innovative and impactful Bay Area nonprofit.



To ensure everyone has meaningful access to the law and their rights. To make this a reality, we are pioneering the country’s first system of universal access to legal representation in high need neighborhoods, starting in Bayview Hunters Point.

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