Our tables

piet_hein_eekShortly after people notice the walls at Credo, their attention quickly turns to the remarkable scrapwood tables that fill the restaurant, each one painstakingly crafted by craftsmen and women in the workshop of acclaimed Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek.

Piet Hein Eek’s work blurs the lines between art, design, craft, and industrial production. By challenging our ideas of conventional beauty and what constitutes waste, Eek achieves a look and feel that is wholly original, rich in beauty and deeply intellectual. The found wood that makes up each of Eek’s breathtaking scrapwood tables poignantly echoes the found ideas that comprise our walls.

Piet Hein Eek explains the process to Dwell Magazine:

The scrap table was originally made out of leftovers from all these cupboards and other projects we make. At a certain moment I decided to create a puzzle, layering the scraps until they became strong. We made a table out of that. Then we did it ten times because I wanted to exaggerate the layers. The whole essence with these was, the more time it takes, the better. When it came time to finish, we lacquered it ten times, just to exaggerate the process time.  This gave it a very strong visual and tactile effect, which was successful immediately, but purely came out of the idea of exaggerating time in order to turn the world upside down. Everything we do is always handmade. If you put energy into it, people should know it through the details and connections.

— Piet Hein Eek