panelsCredo is the Latin (and Italian) word for “I believe.” At Credo, we believe in simple, rustic Italian dishes highlighting fresh, house-made ingredients and generous portions of creativity, served in a uniquely modern environment.

Diners seated in the main dining room are surrounded by 15 gigantic, soaring art panels displaying a dizzying array of quotations beginning with the words “I believe.” Each panel is an assemblage of comment and commentary built on found ideas, from the inspired to the absurd, the sacred and profane, on topics ranging from race to sex to war. Nothing is off limits.

In all, they contain more than 42,000 letters, 10,000 words, over 600 quotations, by some 575 people of varying degrees of fame or infamy.

“It celebrates the juxtaposition of disparate viewpoints,” said Frank Holland, who assembled the quotations and directed the design and production of the one-of-a-kind displays.  “Through the deliberate use of proximity, dimension, color and irony, we’ve achieved a third layer of meaning found in the space between the ideas.”

In an indirect way, Credo celebrates the time-honored tradition of the dinner table argument – that venerated off-the-cuff verbal slugfest punctuated by interjections of gastronomic delight. Nothing enhances a great meal like an exciting conversation, and our walls will get the discussion rolling.